software entropy

1.2 Software Entropy

while software development is immune from almost all physical laws, entropy hits us head.
Entropy is a term frome physics that refers to the amount of "disorder" in a system. Unfortunately, the law of thermodynamics guarantee that the
entropy in the universe tends toward a maximum. When disorder increase in software, programmers called it "software rot".

There are many factors that can contribute to software rot. The most important one seems to be the psychology, or culture, at work on a project.

In inner cities, some building are beautiful and clean, while others are rotting hulks. Why? Researchers in the field of crime and urban decay discovered a fascinating trigger mechanism, one that
very quickly turns a clean, intact, inhabited building into a smashed and abandoned derelict.

A broken windows

one broken window, left unrepaired for any substantial length of time,instills in the inhabitants of the building a sense of abandonment--a sense that the powers that don't care about the building.So
another windows gets broken. People start littering.In a relatively short space of time, the building becomes demaged beyond the oner's desire to fix it,and the sense of abandonment becomes reality.

Don't leave "broken windows" (bed designs,wrong decisions,or poor code) unrepaired.Fix each one as soon as it is discovered.Perhaps you can comment out the offending code,or display a "Not Implemented"
message ,or substitute dummy data instead. Take some action to prevent further damage and to show that you're on top of the situation.

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