A Pragmatic Philosophy

Chapter 1

A Pragmatic Philosophy

What distinguishes Pragmatic Programmers? We feel it's an attitude,a style,a philosophy of approaching problems and their solutions . They think
beyond the immediate problems , always trying to place it in its larger context, always trying be aware of the bigger picture .

Pragmatic programming stems from a philosophy of pragmatic thinking!

1.1 The cat ate my source code ?!

A pragmatic programmer takes charge of his or her own career, and isn't afraid to admit ignorance or error.
We can be proud of our abilities, but we must be honest about our shortcomings--our ignorance as well as our mistakes.

so remmeber that :

The greatest of all weakness is the fear of appearing weak.

Provide Options, Don't Make Lame Excuses.
Before you go and tell your boss or someone else why something can't be dan,is late,or is broken,stop and ask yourself: is there anything else you can try?
Sometimes,you just know what they are goning to say, so save them the trouble.

Don't say it can't be done; explain what can be done to salvage the situation. Does code have to be throw out?

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